Tetris is arguably the best game of all time. Written in Soviet era Russia by computer engineers Alexey Pajitnov (lead) and Vadim Gerasimov, and brought literally from behind the iron curtain by visionary Henk Rogers, its simple genius has often been imitated, and rarely duplicated. No other video game has crossed more borders or spoke to so many people as Tetris. To this day it remains forever popular, and always gives hope to any developer, that even the simplest of ideas, can be the most powerful of successes. Tetris we salute you.

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Game Author: Paul Neave
Site Credit: Free Tetris
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  1. hey
    so sorry–pacman fullsreen is not possible:((((((((((

  2. This game sometimes, no almost all the time, gets on my nerves but its fun to see how fast and logically you can think. If you don’t go fast enough you could get it the wrong shape at the wrong time and it would be horrible. If you don’t think logically then you might as well not play.

  3. I love this game!

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