Full Screen Games

SmashingArcade.org specialises in full screen games. We’ve developed our own clever technology to deliver Flash games in full screen – with full keyboard support!

Full screen gaming is arguably the most exciting development for online gamers since the development of Flash itself. While Flash has had a ‘full-screen mode’ for many years, its usefulness for gamers was limited due to few of the keys being available to use.

Now, several of the major browser makers are working to bring full screen options to the browser. We’re converting games on the fly, to be compatible for each browser. You probably don’t want to know details… just choose from our growing collection of full screen flash games below!



No collection of the best ever video games of all time would be complete without Pong. Pong was, for the general public, the very first video game. There were games before this, but only Mad Men era geeks with mainframes got to play them. We’ve wanted to add a Pong game for ages, but it …



Galaga was the sequel to Galaxian – which in turn was a response to Space Invaders. Both games introduced ‘swooping’ aliens and featured full colour graphics (unlike Space Invaders), but Galaga gets our vote for being more fun to play. You can fire two shots at once, and the gameplay holds up well today. It’s …



Jetpac is a ZX Spectrum classic. The ZX Spectrum was an immensely popular home computer system from the UK in the early 80′s, used mainly for games. The games had to be loaded from a cassette deck, would take 4-7 mins, and if you got the volume setting wrong you’d have to start again. Suffice …



Qbert is a classic game from 1983 that followed the Pacman tradition of completely original gameplay. It was a big hit in the arcades and the Qbert character became one of the most merchandised games characters behind Pacman and Donkey Kong. Qbert even had his own TV show and has been referenced on the Simpsons, …



Frogger is a classic game and we’re thrilled to present to you Frogger online. The game first appeared in the arcades in 1981 and was an instant hit. Something about the idea of getting a frog across traffic, without getting splat, appealed to gamers worldwide, and has reliably stood the test of time. The game …



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